Introducing Cloaking 3.0….
Our Fully Managed Customized Cloaking Campaigns!

World renowned “responsible” customized Cloaking 3.0 for corporate clients in Virginia, driving massive organic traffic to your money generating sites.

Discover how the latest advanced Cloaking technology and Social Media can be combined to explode your online sales by driving targeted search engine organic traffic to your web site or Facebook fanpage.


For many years, Fantomaster™ has been at the forefront of the most advanced, groundcloaking breaking technological developments allowing Fortune 1000 companies to attract and engage customers to quickly grow online businesses. The end result is unique highly optimized content pages offering the visitor the product or service they are searching for.


Current advanced Cloaking is no longer the spammy deceptive practice of the past. Most SEO link building, commenting and article distribution practices of today have become the true spam menace for manipulating search results placing Cloaking squarely in the Greyhat zone. We do not practice or condone deceptive or misleading redirects and we only use keywords and content, 100% relevant to the business of our clients, so that each visitor is ensured the best possible search experience.


We will show you what the Search Engine’s don’t want you to know and how our SEO technology will generate highly qualified worldwide traffic to your site or Facebook Fanpage, converting into significant new sales and improved bottom line for your business.


Our “responsible” Cloaking (IP Delivery) will rank your product or services in the top two pages for specific keywords in your industry and drive tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of daily qualified visitors to your web site or Facebook Fanpage. Cloaking is an art as much as it is a science and Fantomaster™ is the recognized world leader since 1999.


There is currently no other technology available or search engine services firm which can offer the degree of sophistication we are providing with our proprietary 3D Context Delivery™ Cloaking services. Our world renowned “responsible” services are unmatched and offer unparalleled benefits for businesses determined to achieve global success.


We offer Fully Managed professionally built SEO Campaigns designed for maximum organic traffic and ROI to core sites and Facebook FanPages.



The effectiveness of an organic search campaign using our “responsible” SEO strategies can prove enormous for your online business. If you doubt the cost effectiveness of such a campaign, just take a look at the monthly budget you are currently spending with PPC.


A marketing campaign focusing on helping your customers find you through organic search will result in a far greater ROI and continue to generate traffic for many years to come. After all, 85 percent of traffic comes from organic search results, and as a business you simply cannot afford to ignore such a vast segment of your potential customer base.

Our SEO & SEM corporate services will help you and your online business generate enormous daily qualified traffic for your site or social media marketing, allowing you to succeed long term with unmatched ROI.

Online Reputation Management


An executive or corporations reputation can be destroyed in a matter of a few minutes online by almost anyone! A disgruntled employee, an unhappy customer, a client or even a competitor.


Review sites work hard on their own SEO to promote their business model in the guise of “protecting the public” but these sites  do little or nothing to validate the accuracy or validity of published comments and thus are subject to abuse, causing permanent reputation damage.


At Fantomaster we effectively drive positive results to the top spots in the major search engines through a variety of aggressive techniques which cannot be offered by white hat SEO firms.  We will bury any negative information about you or your company under thousands or even tens of thousands of pages of positive information!


During the reputation management campaign process, online content results will gradually become more balanced while positive results begin to intermix with negative results about your company. Over time all of the negative results will be moved or out ranked by  the positive results.


Depending on the size of your reputation management project, negative results can be pushed all the way off of page 3 or even page 10 and lower, of the affected search results.


Note: At Fantomaster Inc., we only offer fully managed customized cloaking campaign projects for corporate clients. We do NOT offer any other blackhat services of any kind. We also do not practice or condone deceptive or misleading re-directs. We will only cloak client sites or Facebook FanPages within the specific client business niche parameters to ensure that visitors obtain the best targeted and relevant quality search experience.