Page Rank vs Trust Rank and why Page Rank no longer effects rankings.

There seems to be ongoing confusion as to Page Rank and if it effects your rankings in the SERPs.

Algoriythm changes have been incorporated by Google to improve visitor experience. Page Rank (Google PR) and Trust Rank are the two main issues here and although both of these terms are related to SEO, they have different relationship with the actual rankings of your site.

Rankings are known as SERPs which stands for the Search Engine Ranking Positions of your site in Google.

PAGE RANK – is the numerical value, weighting 1-10 for any single website or page. Page Rank represents the PR (Page Rank) strength of any given website. However, Page Rank should never be confused with the ranking strength of your website (your actual SERPs).

Page rank is generally calculated by Google by analyzing and calculating various back links pointing towards a particular website. Google Page rank algorithm uses its own complex algorithmic formulas to calculate Page Rank of any given website or webpage.

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Has Page Rank any relationship with the actual rankings of your website? The answer is clearly, NO.

There is a misconception that the higher the page rank, the higher will be their rankings in Google. The truth is that your increase or decrease in page rank has no relationship with the actual rankings of your website.

TRUST RANK – is one of the most important factors in determining actual rankings of your website in the SERPs. Trust Rank is the Trust levels granted to any single website online. This Trust Rank helps websites to score higher rankings in Google SERPs.

Here are the most common factors which influence Trust Rank.

* Age/history of your domain.

* Quality of your back links.

* Content on your website.

* Optimization history of your domain.

Gaining credibility with Trust Rank using off-page linking with quality authority sites, which Google considers reputable, is a critical factor in achieving a higher Trust Rank and hence a higher position in the SERPs.


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