The Ultimate Strategy to Grow Your Facebook Likes and Explode Your Viral Traffic

Online businesses have one very important factor in common..…THEY ALL NEED MORE TRAFFIC. Potential new clientele coming through the virtual online shop front is the life blood of any successful business. Put simply, no traffic no sales! No sales, no revenues! No revenues, no business!

The revolutionary new solution untapped by many businesses is Facebook and generating more Facebook “likes” to your fanpage.

You may have a fanpage, but as is often the case, a fanpage is not utilized to it’s truly astonishing sales generating potential.

After creating a professional business fanpage for your online business, it’s critical to get as many targeted visitors to “like” your page, as this constitutes social proof of how “important” your fanpage content is. The bottom line with Facebook fanpages is, NUMBERS COUNT!


There are many online businesses offering cheap Facebook likes. This is fraught with danger and the adage, “you get what you pay for” rings true here. Put bluntly, these cheap fans are trash which will hurt the EdgeRank (Facebook algorithm) score of your fanpage.

We tested a number of Facebook fan providers. In each case we bought 1000 targeted Facebook fans for our test fanpage. We quickly realized that these so called providers are typically from Singapore or India and hardly competent. They also do not disclose their methodology of delivering these supposed “100% targeted fans”.

Few of the fans we bought were actually real people! Most services had blatantly fake profiles, much to our annoyance. Profile photos were stock images with obviously bogus names.

Two fan providers were able to send us 100% real fans. However, these “fans” were coerced to “like” our test fanpage. They used a trick called clickjacking. This resulted in comments on our wall like, “Why did I like this page”.

There is no point whatsoever of having lots of Facebook fans on your business fanpage if they are not highly targeted and interested in the product or service you offer. The potential power of the social proof element of Facebook fanpages is totally dependent on fan activity on your wall and not just how many likes you have.

Highly targeted “real” fans interested in your fanpage is what will lead to social media success and sales.

At Fantomaster we have now started driving highly targeted cloaked search engine traffic to our corporate client Facebook fanpages. We use specific industry niche keywords and targeting resulting in tens of thousands of daily qualified and real “likes” driving huge social media success for our clients.

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Why has Facebook fanpage social media become so important? Updating your Facebook fanpage Status doesn’t only show on your page wall, it shows up in the news feed of every fan who likes your page. If you have 100,000 real people that like your page and become fans, you have the true ability to communicate to your fans every time you update your fanpage status.

So, we introduced Cloaking 2.0, our new Fully Managed Social Media Cloaking technology!

Current advanced Cloaking 2.0 is no longer the spammy deceptive practice of the past. Most SEO link building and article distribution practices of today have become the true spam menace for manipulating search results. We no longer condone deceptive or misleading redirects and we only use keywords and content, 100% relevant to the business of our clients.

Our Facebook fanpage cloaking 2.0 campaigns will generate tens of thousands of daily unique “Likes” to your fanpage resulting in an enormous fan base which will grow exponentially with Facebook’s ability to virally create new fans.

What’s even more incredible is that by offering quality and unique posts on your fanpage status update, you could go viral if your fans “share” your status updates with their “friends”. The result is that your 100,000 fans could give you a potential total “reach” of millions of fans! Millions of fans which you can market to week after week, for life! This is the true power of driving organic traffic to your fanpage and attracting real qualified fans.

The potential of combining massive organic cloaking traffic and Facebook fanpage viral fan interaction is simply undeniable, offering a ROI unmatched in the online marketing industry.


More importantly, for those who continue to believe the hype and misinformation surrounding current cloaking technology, driving search engine cloaked organic traffic to your Facebook fanpage is not against Facebook’s TOS. So Facebook will not and cannot “ban” your fanpage because Facebook is not in the business of enforcing Google’s TOS. And, even if they were, they have no idea where the traffic is coming from. It could simply be one of your affiliates driving such traffic, for which you are not accountable.


Note: At Fantomaster Inc., we only offer fully managed customized cloaking 2.0 campaign projects for corporate clients. We do NOT offer any other blackhat services of any kind. We also do not practice or condone deceptive or misleading cloaking. We will only cloak client sites or Facebook FanPages within the specific client business niche parameters to ensure that visitors obtain the best targeted and relevant quality search experience.


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